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Here, There and Everywhere

IaP / 27 SEP 2017

Note: This blog post pertains to upcoming features in Scrivener 3, which will be released on macOS later this year and will follow on Windows during Q2 in 2019.

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Project Notes are Dead, Long Live Project Notes!

IaP / 18 AUG 2017

When we first started putting together The Big List of what Scrivener 3.0 was going to be about, high upon it was the nebulous goal of making the overall experience more cohesive and streamlined. We may spend a little time going over some of the many finer points of that project in a future article, but for now I wish to focus on one aspect of that, something that some might consider to be a smaller adjustment, but one that has changed how I organise work inside of my projects—and reintroduced me to a feature that I had let languish in my own daily use of Scrivener.

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Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Compiling the Draft in Scrivener for iOS

IaP / 28 JUL 2016

One of the principal concepts behind Scrivener is that you work with a long document by breaking it up into as many smaller chunks of text as you desire, rather than keeping it all in one long file that you have to scroll through. While the software makes it easy to work with your text in this fashion, you will still need a simple and effective method to create a single document out of all of those little pieces. In this way you can share some or all your work with others, save backup copies to text files, print out your work to paper or even quickly create a PDF for proofreading in your favourite viewer.


Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Keyboard Shortcuts in Scrivener for iOS

IaP / 6 JUL 2016

Something you might not expect to see from a debuting iOS app is extensive support for keyboard control, diminishing (and for certain routine tasks, eliminating) the need to reach for the screen in order to get things done. In fact, we have added so many shortcuts that we couldn’t even list them all here (but don’t worry, if you want lists, we’ve got lists).


Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Word & Character Counts in Scrivener for iOS

IaP / 5 JUL 2016

Sometimes we need a little reassurance to see how far we’ve come since the start of a long project; other times we need to revel in the despair of how far we have left to go. Whichever your poison, we’ve got you covered.


Tip of the Day

NaNo Tips for Writing with Scrivener

IaP / 6 NOV 2012

The intention here is to share some tips that I have found useful when working with Scrivener during my excursions into the realm of National Novel Writing Month, or “NaNoWriMo” for short, or even shorter, just “NaNo”. If you have any ideas for this series, please feel free to drop me a line.

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