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Change List: Scrivener for iOS

Scrivener for iOS 1.1.3

Version released: 23rd September 2017

Scrivener for iOS 1.1

Version released: 14th June 2017

Additions and Refinements

Dark Mode
“Dark Mode” is now available via Settings app or the gear button menu inside Scrivener projects.
New custom icons have been added.
Create your own custom icons using Emoji and other characters.
Dropbox syncing has been rewritten to be compatible with Dropbox’s API 2.


Scrivener for iOS 1.0.1

Version released: 14th December 2016

Additions and Refinements

Document Templates
Document templates are now supported, allowing for the creation of character and location sheets, for example (see new section in tutorial).
Web pages can now be imported from the “import” button.
Text Editing
Superscript and subscript support added.
A line break button is now available for the extended keyboard row.
Cmd-L in the editor will now create a line break.
Project search now includes label and status names.
“Replace” now jumps to the next match after a replacement.
Rich text lists are now converted to Markdown when “Convert to Basic Markdown” is ticked in Compile.
Applying “Preserve Formatting” (available from extended keyboard row options) to text now excludes that text from having special characters escaped when using “Convert to Basic Markdown”.
Compiling to PDF and printing now uses the full resolution of embedded images.

Bugs Fixed

Scrivener for iOS 1.0 Newer ↑

Version released: 13th July 2016

Initial release.