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Change List: Scapple for Mac OS X

Scapple 1.2 Older ↓

Version released: 15th October 2014
Download current.

Refinements and Changes

Yosemite Compatible
Bug fixes and minor refinements for Yosemite support.

Bug Fixes

Scapple 1.1 ↑ Newer Older ↓

Version released: 23rd October 2013
Download Scapple for (64-bit) or for (32-bit) Note that Mac App Store purchases require a 64-bit computer, this download will not allow you to run Scapple on 32-bit machines if you purchase from Apple. If you require 32-bit access, then purchase directly from us.).

Refinements and Changes

Mavericks Compatible
Enhanced for Mavericks, including support for tags and responsive scrolling.
When creating a new note with Cmd-Return, the new note now maintains the indent level of the selected note.
Showing or hiding the footer bar will now determine the setting for new documents.
Added View > Page Guides, which provides guides showing where page boundaries will fall when printing.
Minor changes to file format and file reading for compatibility with Windows version.
Scapple now drags out rich text to Scrivener (requires Scrivener 2.5).
Rearranged inspector for consistency.
When exporting only selected notes, only the selected items in a stack are now exported (previously the whole stack beneath the first note selected in it would be exported).
Export now prioritises stack order over cluster order.
When notes are stacked, they now always maintain their left alignment with other notes in the stack, even when auto-sizing is enabled and the notes are right- or centre-aligned.
When splitting a note, the new note now uses the default note width rather than the width of the note it was split from while editing.
The Preferences panel now applies changes when it loses focus even if the focus was still in one of its text fields.
Indenting notes is now limited so that you cannot indent so much that a note’s text disappears.
When double-clicking to create a new note, the placement of the note will now depend on the default alignment as set in the Preferences.
Notes created by double-clicking on lines now use the default note style rather than the style of one of the connected notes, even if “Use selected note style for new notes” is set in the Preferences.
You can now drag any file type onto the canvas. Notes containing links will be created for files other than text or image files.
You can now drag URLs onto the canvas from web pages.

Bug Fixes

Scapple 1.0 ↑ Newer

Software released: April 23, 2013