Legacy Downloads

If you are using an older system that cannot run the latest version of Scrivener or Scapple, and have purchased it in the past, you can download these legacy versions from this page.

Scrivener 2.9

The last version of Scrivener 2, capable of being run on Intel hardware from Mac OS X 10.9 to macOS 10.12 "Sierra". If you purchased from Apple's Mac App Store, you will need to use their App Store software to download Scrivener, by clicking on the Purchases tab and finding Scrivener in the list.

This version of Scrivener can also be unlocked with a v3 serial number purchased from our website.

Download Scrivener 2.9

Scrivener 2.5

If you are running an older operating system than 10.9 (we support back to 10.4), or are using a PowerPC Mac, you will need to download this version of Scrivener. Some on 10.6 may also find it preferable to the version above, which has been compiled in much newer versions of XCode (in particular if you use PDF you'll want to use this version).

Download Scrivener 2.5

View change logs for the 2.x line

Scrivener 1.54

This version of Scrivener runs on PowerPC or Intel hardware, for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" to 10.6 "Snow Leopard".


View change logs for the 1.x line

Scapple 1.2

Scapple version 1.3 and greater will no longer run on Mac OS X 10.6. If you are still using this operating system version, you will need to download the older version of Scapple:

Download Scapple 1.2