Sync Error Won’t Go Away

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Hi all,

I’ve had some conflict issues in the past and always been able to resolve them. Last month, however, I had a conflict that I resolved, then deleted the conflict files from the Conflicts folder. The project is fully synced across my iPad, iPhone, and Windows.

Every time I open the project now, however, I receive the error “Sync conflicts detected. To help Scrivener resolve the conflicts, please double-check that Dropbox is fully synced before opening this project.” There are no more conflicts, however, and Dropbox is fully synced. Scrivener still prompts me to confirm that “Dropbox is Synced” every time I open the project now.


Any ideas how to fix this without resorting to rebuilding the whole project, which is the size of a large novel?

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Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:38 pm Post

On the Windows system, move the project out of Dropbox. Confirm that it is intact, Make a backup.

Synchronize both devices, which should cause the project to disappear from those devices.

On the Windows system, move the project back into Dropbox. Synchronize everything. Problem should be resolved.

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