Scrivener 3.1 is going to be incredible!

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Thanks for that suggestion. I agree that the greatest value of any scriptwriting program applies at the initial drafting stage, where the quick formatting saves so much time indenting, italicizing, etc. In this case, I did the entire first draft (in Scrivener), and now most changes are small enough that even using Docs isn’t too onerous. (We thought about using a PDF as you suggest, but we both like being able to actually write our ideas down into the script separately, according to our own very different schedules, so we needed an editable format and a single document either of us could update any time.) So for now that workflow (draft in Scrivener, collaboratively edit and rewrite in Docs, export to Pages, print) is OK.

But in future projects, we might want to jointly work on a first draft, or we might have to rewrite more extensively (introducing a new character, say), which would be clunky and inefficient at best in Docs or Word or Pages or whatever. In that situation, the current workaround is to work on a single file we email back and forth, which of course requires that we don’t work on it at the same time. Doable, but again, not the best use of our limited time.

My co-writer just alerted me to this possible solution. If it works out, I’ll let the Scrivener scriptwriting community know, but in a more appropriate thread than this one. If anyone else has suggestions about collaborative scriptwriting using Scrivener, I’d love to hear them, but probably not in this thread, which I’m happy to keep for singing the praises of Scrivener 3.1!
**Update: we've found a couple of new-ish scriptwriting extensions ('Add Ons') for google docs, Fountainize and Screenplay Formatter, and will be trying those out, along with an app called Writer Duet. But I doubt any of those will automatically incorporate Scrivener formatting on import. Still, they may not have to, as Scrivener is most useful at the initial draft stage.
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Still no iCloud support? How much longer do we have to wait? Every other app out there is using iCloud at this point, but this one. Please work on adding iCloud support soon.

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The limitations of iCloud and the reasons why iOS Scrivener uses Dropbox instead are discussed here:

Scrivener Support Team

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And in case you are posting topically (this being a thread about the latest Mac version), then there is no need for “support” of iCloud Drive, from Scrivener 3.1 or likely any future version. If you save your project into an area that iCloud syncs, then it will show up on your other Mac, just like that and with no further ado.

Take care to follow the common-sense guidelines in this article.

We also do not recommend using the drive space optimisation option for iCloud Drive. It’s probably a bad setting to have on in general, but we do not have any good data on how safe it is to use with large-scale multi-file formats like Scrivener’s. Will it delete files from within the project because it has deemed them as “old”? And if it does delete them, is it smart enough to download them all again when loading the project? We don’t know—and it’s extremely difficult to test it given how the whole feature is automated and in theory only kicks in once the local drive is full.
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I'm afraid that on that score, you will have to wait until Apple changes iCloud to work with hybrid shoebox/document applications such as Scrivener. We've written lots about that in the past, so I won't repeat myself here.
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