Placeholder in compiled PDF has wrong font

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Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:08 am Post

I just updated from Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3, and I imported all my compile presets.

For my PDF preset, I am using the <$t> placeholder in the Section Layout for my chapter titles, and for some reason it compiles in the Lucida Grande font instead of inheriting the same font as the surrounding text.

I suspect that this is due to the weird font that I am using, although this was not an issue in Scrivener 2.
Compile settings
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Result in compiled PDF
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Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:46 am Post

What does the formatting tab show? Does the preview have the right font applied to "One" / the placeholder tag? And if you try compiling to Word or RTF or PDF using a built-in format, does the font compile correctly or not?

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