Freeform Corkboard Misbehaving

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Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:01 am Post

Not sure if these are bugs, "just not finished yet", or only happening to me. I've searched through the beta forum and hadn't seen these talked about, so it could just be me. Didn't see anything listed in Known Issues either.

In Freeform Corkboard, I've noticed a couple of behaviors that I don't think are intended.

Issue 1: Clicking overlapped cards does not bring them to front
If I overlap cards or card stacks, clicking on one that is lower/beneath does not bring it to the front. To get a card to come to the front requires clicking and dragging the card, though even this fails sometimes. Seems to be an issue with the tutorial.scriv, an imported 1.9.7 project, and a newly created project in I have restarted computer and restarted Scrivener.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Select multiple items or a folder with multiple items
  2. Select Corkboard view
  3. Select Freeform
  4. Move cards such that two or more overlap, but leave sufficient space so that a lower card is still visible beneath a higher card.
  5. Click on a lower card to select
  6. Expected Behavior::Card comes to front of pile
  7. Current Behavior: Card is selected, but remains below other cards
  8. Partial Workaround: Click and drag a lower card - this will bring that card to the top of the pile, but occasionally this fails.

Issue 2: Rapidly moving cards in succession causes Scrivener to jump to an item in the editor
I noticed this first on my imported project with ~50 items/scenes and was trying to organize them from the default Freeform diagonal cascade. but also run into the issue in tutorial.scriv and new projects. Trying to move cards in rapid succession causes Scrivener to select one of those cards and switches to Editor view for that item, a similar behavior to clicking on the card icon. This can happen regardless of card overlap. It is also not from accidentally clicking the icon. Sometimes it is the item last selected that is opened in the Editor, sometimes it's another random item. I haven't as yet found a rhyme or reason.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Select multiple items or a folder with multiple items
  2. Select Corkboard view
  3. Select Freeform
  4. Click and drag several cards in rapid succession (faster than a click/drag per second, and the faster the more likely to trigger it seems);
  5. Expected Behavior: Cards reorder and drop when released.
  6. Current Behavior: Occasionally, an item is selected and the Editor view opened for that item. Also, if switching back to the Freeform view of the stack, occasionally the next click will result in another card being opened in the editor. Can occur with as few as 3 cards moved or bug might not trigger till several more have been moved, but it is pretty reproducible.

System Specs:
Surface Pro 4
Windows 10, version 1803 - 64-bit
Scrivener - 64-bit, fresh install