[update] Project targets borked?

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While the update went smoothly for me overall, it seems to have borked the "Project Targets" feature, which is not registering a lot of the files in the manuscript, whether they are marked for "include in compile" or not. It was working fine on all projects prior to the update, which I know as it is a feature I reference a lot. Both the "Manuscript Target" and the "Session Target" are giving very wonky results. In the "Session Target", in fact, it is showing negative numbers.

Example of Manuscript Target issue: there is over 30k words in the collected files as of last time I checked, but now it is only showing that there are 1,087.

Example of Session Target issue: It seems to be showing the whole word count(?) in the negative, that is, "-30,037 of 500 words".

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I'm having the same issue since the update.

My draft target is now short of 4688 words.
My session target has -4688 words which I can't get to zero out

I tried pasting 5000 words into the MS. Then resetting the session target once it had climbed past 0. Then I hit the reset button but it went back to -4688 words.

ETA: Going through my individual scenes I've found two separate scenes which although they show 11k and 14k characters respectively, each only shows a count of 1 word. These two scenes make up the -4688 word count issue.