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Scrivener 3 on the Mac App Store and a Guide for Scrivener 2 Users

Scrivener 3 is now available on the Mac App Store, and we have a Scrivener 3 migration guide available for users of Scrivener 2.

Scrivener 3 on the Mac App Store

Scrivener 3 is now available on the Mac App Store for $45, so if you've been waiting to buy from there, please head over the App Store and grab it if you haven't already. Scrivener 3 is a paid update (our first in seven years) that provides major improvements and a refreshed UI and codebase. If you already own Scrivener 2, please do bear in mind that it is not possible to offer update pricing on the Mac App Store (this is just a limitation of the platform), so if you want to buy from Apple, you will need to pay full price again. If you are happy to get the update from our store, however, you can email us with proof-of-purchase and we'll send you a discount code so that you can get the update for the same price as users who bought Scrivener 2 from us direct ($25). Please see this page for full details on the Scrivener 3 release, and for how to get the update pricing from our store.

A Guide for Scrivener 2 Users

If you have updated to Scrivener 3 from Scrivener 2 and are looking for a guide on how to bring across your Preferences and Compile presets, I've put one together here:

Scrivener 3 Update Guide for Scrivener 2 Users

The guide is itself a Scrivener 2 project. You open it in Scrivener 3 and follow hands-on instructions on how to update a Compile preset, where to find some of the features that have been moved, and more. (You don't need to read this guide if you are new to Scrivener, or if you found the transition to Scrivener 3 easy. It is mainly for Scrivener 2 users who want more guidance on adapting old Compile presets to Scrivener 3 and on some of the other changes.)

Thank You

It's fair to say that last week, following Scrivener 3's release on Monday, was our busiest ever. Thank you to all our amazing users who were so keen to upgrade, and for the many kind words we have received. (A big thank you to our amazing support staff, too, who were working all hours to get through the thousands of emails.)

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AmyG  /  08 DECEMBER 2017

I would really like to be able to format text in the Synopsis panels of the Inspector and (by extension) the Corkboard. If I could color, bold it, underline it, etc. it would help me in organizing the complexities of primary, secondary and tertiary events, off stage events, minor mentions of something to set up a later revelation, etc.

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